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About ablue and
Domestic Sales with Curble Chair

Our sales history in Korea market

누적판매 90만개 달성!

As the first-ever, posture-correcting chair that has a backrest, Curble Chair first released its product in Korea while registering a patent at the same time in March, 2016. Curble Chair then reached accumulated sales of 9,000,000 chairs. Curble Chair is distributing its products through distribution agreements with major distributors in the nation. Curble Chair also operates its own online store (www.ablue.kr) for the consumers. Also, in July 2020, Curble Chair opened up flagship stores at Hanam Starfield and Goyang Starfield which are some of the largest shopping malls in the nation.

About ablue

We are able to protech your curve on spine

ablue incorporates creative ideas and values into items that are essential in our everyday life and manufactures products that help us lead a new lifestyle. ablue will always be open to valuable opinions of the consumers and strive to offer more innovative and comfortable products.


  • 2012

    ablue Established
  • 2013

    Boxtap released
  • 2014

    Participated in the World Electronics Brand Show
    Company research institute established
    Start-Up Certification acquired
    Participated in CommunicAsia Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Exhibition and Conference held in Singapore
    Participated in Global Mobile Vision (GMV)
    CE Mark acquired
  • 2015

    Participated in Tokyo G-Fair
    Certificates ISO900 and ISO14001 acquired
  • 2016

    ablue Hong Kong established
    Crowdfunding target for Boxtap reached on Makuake (Japan)
    Participated in IFA Trade Fair (Berlin) and in Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS)
    Crowdfunding target for Boxtap reached on JD (Chinese crowdfunding platform)
    Citation from the Director of the Small and Medium Business Administration
  • 2017

    ablue China Established
    Japan’s PSE (Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Material) Mark acquired
    Participated in CES Asia held in Shang Hai
    One-Switch Boxtap released
  • 2018

    CCC (China Compulsory Certification) acquired
    ablue stores opened in Lotte Department Stores
    Freeable Tap released
    Curble Chair Comfy released
  • 2019

    Curble Chair Wider released
    Crowdfunding target reached on Wadiz
    ablue products FDA registered
    Mark (Conformite European) acquired
    ablue products exported to 15 countries around the world
  • 2020

    Boxtap Clock released (crowdfunding target reached on Wadiz)
    ablue stores opened in Sinsegae Department Stores
    ablue stores opened in Hyundai Department Stores
    Curble Chair Kids released (crowdfunding target reached on Wadiz)
    Curble Chair opens flagship stores (Goyang Starfield, Hanam Starfield)
    ablue products exported to 31 countries around the world

Key Domestic Clients

ablue and its brands will always keep communication open and strive to offer that touch the heart of the customers.

About location

고양점 지도 하남점 지도 안성점 지도 군포본사 지도 에이블루 본사 물류창고 지도 에이블루 제조공장 지도
  • 고양 커블 매장1
  • 고양 커블 매장2
  • 고양 커블 매장3
  • 고양 커블 매장4
  • 고양 커블 매장5
  • 고양 커블 매장6
  • 고양 커블 매장7
  • 고양 커블 매장8

Curble chair flag ship store
in Goyang Starfield department store

  • 하남 커블 매장1
  • 하남 커블 매장2
  • 하남 커블 매장3
  • 하남 커블 매장4
  • 하남 커블 매장5
  • 하남 커블 매장6
  • 하남 커블 매장7

Curble chair flag ship store
in Hanam Starfield department store

  • 하남 커블 매장1
  • 하남 커블 매장2

ablue HQ in Gunpo City

  • 하남 커블 매장1
  • 하남 커블 매장2
  • 하남 커블 매장3
  • 하남 커블 매장4

ablue warehouse distribution center

  • 하남 커블 매장1
  • 하남 커블 매장2
  • 하남 커블 매장3
  • 하남 커블 매장4
  • 하남 커블 매장5
  • 하남 커블 매장6
  • 하남 커블 매장7
  • 하남 커블 매장7
  • 하남 커블 매장7
  • 하남 커블 매장7

ablue factory

  • 하남 커블 매장1
  • 하남 커블 매장2

Curble chair flag ship store
in Ansung Starfield department store

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