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CEO Message

Curble Chair.
The Chair for
Your Back Health.
CEO of ablue Co.,Ltd
Mr.Myeongwook Leesign

There are all sorts of chairs around the world.
There are many different designs and functions but the fact that this invention called chair is something we rest on has never changed.

Sitting puts more pressure on our spine than any posture and sitting in a poor posture puts even greater pressure on our spine.
We live in a world that is flooded with digital devices and our posture is constantly at risk.
Thus, when we sit, we have to sit on a chair that is most healthy to our back.

It is difficult to regain health in our back once it is damaged. Maintaining a proper posture can relieve pain in our back and prevent disc herniation.
Even though many consumers are aware of the importance of good posture, but they are able to use those expensive, ergonomically designed chairs that help them correct their posture and maintain back health for economic reasons.

Curble Chair is here for those consumers.
Curble Chair can be placed on any chair and it will offer the features and experience on par with those of expensive, ergonomically designed chairs out there.

Curble Chair will always guide you to proper posture and help you maintain your physique and spine health

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